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National Ground Water Week



Tuesday, December 5 - Thursday, December 7
11,250 points

Join us for National Groundwater Week 2023, hosted by the National Ground Water Association in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Explore over seventy-five thousand square feet of water-related exhibits, attend workshops and educational sessions, and network with fellow water specialists from across the US and abroad.


The PremierRewards NGWA Groundwater Week Trip requires 11,250 points ($75,000) per individual. Each NGWA Groundwater Week Trip purchased through the redemption of reward points includes the following: 

  • Flight

  • Hotel room at Caesar's Palace

  • Registration fees (including workshops and classes)

Disclaimer: Hotel accommodations are subject to change due to availability at the time of booking with every effort made to find a replacement resort of equal or higher quality.

Qualifications and Restrictions
  • The PremierRewards National Groundwater Week Trip covers costs for a single individual. 

  • Reward points cannot be redeemed for the National Groundwater Week Trip on behalf of family or friends that are not principals, owners, managers, or employees of the company redeeming points.

Cancellation Policy: After the redemption of points towards the National Groudwater Week Trip, any cancellations will be subject to any cancellation fees. All points will be forfeited.

Disclaimer: Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. is not responsible for any added costs due to an extended stay or travel related delays (i.e. sickness, injury, or weather). The individual traveler will be responsible for these costs. 

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