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Knowledge. Service. Innovation. CARE. 


For twenty-nine years, Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing water specialists with C.A.R.E. From well-drillers and plumbers to water filtration specialists, geothermal contractors, and municipal project managers, and is privileged to work with such exceptional water specialists throughout the Northeast.

When Chris Achorn started this business in 1993 out of the back of his teal green pickup truck, with four children all under the age of ten, he could only dream of the success that Premier would experience over the following decades. Our team's hard work, determination, and a will to “Make it Easier” for its customers has brought Premier to where it is today.

Now, with a newly built headquarters in Northfield,  New Hampshire and additional terminals in Maine,  New York, and Massachusetts,  an ever-growing municipal division, and nearly thirty team members here to help you, Premier is poised for continued growth, providing the quality products, services, knowledge, and innovation that you have come to expect.

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