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Premier's comprehensive water treatment products provide innovative and complete solutions for home owners, municipalities, and businesses facing challenging water.


The innovative nature of Water-Right products coupled with its impressive customer support team captivated Premier Pump & Supply's leadership early in the company's history. Products such as Water-Right's self-sanitizing water conditioner, which treats problem water better than any other two conditioners/filters combined, exemplifies the high standards maintained by Water-Right throughout the years.

Additional water filtration specialists such as Viqua, a Trojan Technologies company specializing in Ultra Violet light disinfection and Radonaway, a Spruce Environmental Technologies company specializing in radon mitigation systems, have also provided Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. with the tools it needs to bring clean, safe water to the tap.


In addition to providing the highest-quality water filtration products on the market, Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. prides itself on the many educational classes it provides to New England water specialists throughout the year, with a focus on water and how to treat the problems it presents in the home.

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