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With an ever-growing awareness and need for alternative energy sources, Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. continues to expand within the clean-energy sector by adding solar and geothermal technology to compliment our established clean-energy inventory. In addition to an expanded inventory, our team continues to educate itself on clean-energy solutions so that we can continue to provide the knowledge, service, innovation and C.A.R.E.™ that you have come to rely on.


From Franklin Elecrtric’s SolarPAK and our leading brand of Tetco heat pumps to the loops, grout, sand and graphite needed in the geothermal wells, we have clean energy covered with supplies, solutions, and support across the spectrum. 


Premier Pump & Supply, Inc. and its partners are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Introduce homeowners to the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling with this short Geothermal 101 video!

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